Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Make Another One of Those!

The big movies of the year so far have been Fast Five, Hangover 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4. With everything being a sequel or a prequel, I figure I would do Hollywood a favor and write a couple of ideas for scripts.

The Shawshank Redemption 2: Open Water—Andy and Red run out of money when all accounts under “Randall Stevens” are frozen by the FBI. With no income and no one willing to hire convicted felons, they take Andy’s boat and start racing professionally. Can they make enough money before rookie FBI agent Phil Davis (Josh Hartnett) catches up to them?

Requiem for A Dream 2: Back Home Again—After and serving his time and getting clean, has written a best-selling book about his life and works as a motivational speaker for at-risk teens. But has he lost touch with his Brighton Beach roots? He’s tested when his mom’s friend asks him to help stop her 16-year-old son (Rory Caulkin) from going to the same path Harry did years before.

Son of Good Will Hunting—Will and Skylar have baby, forcing Will to quit his job as a professor to take a high-paying job at a firm that cracks codes for the government. Can Will handle a job he hates and midnight feedings without resorting to his old ways?

The Other Lebowski—A drug addict named Jeff Lebowski steals a briefcase full of cocaine from the mob and they accidentally go after The Dude. Hilarity ensues.

Another Seven—Detective Mills is released from prison early good behavior. After finding God in prison, he starts a church that focuses on the Seven deadly sins. But when a new John Doe starts murdering people based on the mortal sins, Mills becomes the chief suspect. Can he help stop the murders and keep Detective Rogers (Josh Hartnett) off his tail?

The Departed: Frank’s Story—A prequel about the rise of Frank Costello (Ben Affleck) within the Irish Mob. Frank starts out as a bag man but quickly moves up, but must avoid special agent Michael McGlinchy (Josh Hartnett) who is the only one who has tabbed him as a an up-and-comer in the Mob.

WALL-E Goes to Mars—As people begin to repopulate the earth, WALL-E finds that there is no need for him. Then WALL-E is offered a position to help clean up Mars in preparation for new human colonies. Everything seems perfect until EVE finds out that the company leading the colonization of Mars is a subsidiary of Buy-n-Large and has more sinister intentions. The head of the company (Jim Carey) does everything he can to have EVE destroyed. Will WALL-E be able to save the day again?

Taken 2: Took—This time Brian Mills’ wife gets taken and he kicks ass for 80 minutes.