Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Sketches in 30 Days--#7 "Long Ride Home"

Obviously I had to dig deep and come up with a brand new character that is nothing like me for this one...


JAMES is driving home from work. He is a heavyset young guy
who has been working hard recently on losing weight but has
been struggling recently. He's trying to figure what to eat
for dinner tonight and we only hear his internal monologue as
he silently drives.

(All internal
monologue/voiceover, not
God I'm hungry. I really should
have eaten something substantial
for lunch or at least brought a
snack with me or something. Shit,
all I have at home is canned tuna
and I had fish for lunch so I don't
feel like eating that. I guess I
gotta pick something up, but it's
gotta be healthy. I've been
slipping on this diet, I can't get
back up to 300 pounds like I was.
I'll go to Subway and just get a
six inch turkey sub with mustard
instead of mayo. Yeah, that will
do. And maybe I'll get some chips.
No! No chips. Get the yogurt on
the side.

James takes a deep breath, comfortable with the decision he
has made.

(Still internal monologue)
Although I have been good all day
today and I did go for that walk
last night. So maybe I could do to
Burger King. Maybe just get the
grilled chicken sandwich with small
fries and a Diet Coke.

James ponders his decision again, now a little less sure.

(Still internal monologue)
No! I can't go to Burger King.
We're talking about my health here.
My doctor has already said that my
blood pressure was a little too
high and that if I continued down
this path it would lead to diabetes
and long term heart issues.
Plus I'm not getting any younger,
so the weight is only going to get
harder to lose, so I should just
try to build off the momentum that
I've had the last couple months. I
have to do this for my health, for
my future, I have to do this for

The camera zooms out and James looks around and realizes that
in the middle of his impassioned speech to himself he has
driven into the drive-thru at the Burger King.



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